ACG Compliance Office Safety is Paramount Training

Costs: £52.00

Duration: 0.5 Days

Course Content

  1. Safe office environment
  2. Common office hazards
  3. Control of a safe office environment
  4. How to reduce office risks
  5. Environmental issues

Course Outline

  • This course is designed for persons leading an office, call centre operatives, managers or supervisors
  • Teaches delegates about the fundamentals in office-based safety and environmental management
  • Covers all relevant legislative requirements
  • Advises of effective ways to maintain office safety
  • The course outlines common office hazards and how to control certain hazards in the office
  • Delegates will be expected to complete an assessment

Course Objectives

  • To teach delegates how to identify and mitigate hazards encountered in an office
  • Attendees to be able to identify unsafe office practices and selection of appropriate control measures
  • To inform delegates of areas in the office where more serious hazards may be present

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